Save up to 50% off the food bill or 2 for 1 meals at thousands of restaurants


How much does the Citycard cost?

The Citycard is FREE to download & use, if you love the service we provide please support Citycard.


What is Citycard?

Citycard is the Eco-friendly discount card which allows the card holders to get 3 great offers from local restaurants,

2 for 1 main course,

or up to 50% off the food bill,

or up to 25% off the total bill.


Where do i get a Citycard?

You can get a Citycard downloaded on to your mobile phone / device from download Citycard page.


How to use Citycard?

1. Search for a restaurant you’d like to visit.

2. Make a booking by phone or email and let them know you’re Citycard dine member.

3. Simply show your digital Citycard on your mobile device when requesting the bill.


The latest list of participating restaurants can be found under.

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