Welcome to Citycard

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What is Citycard?
Citycard is the Eco-friendly loyalty card which allows the end users to get exclusive offers. 2 For 1 or 50% savings at hundreds of restaurants.

Where do i get a Citycard?
You can get a Citycard downloaded on to your mobile phone from. Download Citycard.

How to use Citycard?
Search for a restaurant you’d like to visit. – 2. Make a booking mentioning Citycard. – 3. Simply show your Citycard / mobile when requesting the bill. 

The latest list of participating restaurants can be found under. Search the business directory.

How much does the Citycard cost?
Other (restaurant) discount card companies charge upwards of £69.99 every year. The Citycard is FREE to Download & use we simply ask that you make a small donation to a local charity.

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We would love to welcome your restaurant to the Citycard network and we are positive that you will see extra ordinary benefits from being part of this continually expanding Eco-friendly club.